Wednesday, April 28, 2010

False Advertising

Sex is one of the greatest blessings of marriage for men. It should be for women as well, and for some it is, but we are so fundamentally different by design that it does not really work out that way. For many women sex is optional and a fringe benefit if consequential at all. The stability, friendship, and emotional security are what many ladies look for first and foremost out of the partnership called marriage. While men enjoy those things as well, sexual consistency is one of the main draws toward this binding agreement.

For men who are morally obligated to only have sex within a marriage, you MUST begin to think about how ridiculous it is to not follow the Open Door Policy as a reward to those amazing one in a million guys! When you do not give yourself sexually to them regularly and whenever he wants you are punishing them for being true to their moral code and true to your marriage. These issues of intimacy can influence a man to seek out pornography and masturbation. Men have been known to step out on their wives and even leave them all together because of this. Please consider this simple plan of action to prevent more risk for those kinds of things. (Note: I am not excusing these horrible behaviors some men engage in, they always have a choice but SOMETIMES we don't leave them with much of one.)

Let’s take a little journey back to the start. Chances are you gave this impression in the beginning. If you were really physical when you were dating, sexy and flirty, romantically engaging, endured make out sessions galore, then sweet friend- you told him that this is what he was signing up for. Ever heard of false advertising? Ok, let’s talk the other side for a second- Remember when he would listen to you? Caress your feet? Bring you flowers? Was nice to your mom? Couldn’t get enough of you and would do anything for you at the slightest hint? Not very fun to be on the other side is it? Well here’s an idea if you want all that back… GIVE IT UP every single day. Transform the relationship back to how you first painted it and just see what he does. I promise it works. What is in it for you? How about a happy husband who will be around and in a BIG way?


  1. What a great point! We advertise all the love and intimacy only to leave them with nothing. Thanks for the post!

    You are so smart and I love how you tell it how it is!

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  3. This is awesome!! Thanks for sending me the link! I love it, I love how you think!

  4. Hey Linds, I 'get it'. My philosophy has always been "I take care of him and he'll take care of me". It has worked for the past 8 1/2 years. If you have a good honest, decent man then he can't help but want to do more for you when you give him 'joy'.
    Love it! Keep it going!

  5. I'm sorry I know I already commented, but Lindsay, you rock. Again all I can say is Amen.

  6. You don't know me, but a mutual friend told me I had to read your blog. I love it!! You make some great points, and I especially love the "false advertising" paragraph. Well said girlfriend.... on that note...I'm off to the bedroom! lolxx