Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Family

Gender is an essential characteristic of an individual’s identity and purpose. Successful marriages and families are more easily maintained when fathers preside over their families in love and are responsible for providing and protecting their families and when mothers are primarily responsible for the nurturing. In these impressive responsibilities, fathers and mothers should help one another as equal partners. There are of course circumstances that may necessitate different arrangements and each couple would be wise to sincerely calculate their situation. The disintegration of the family will and has brought grave sorrow and pain upon individuals, communities, and nations.

Under the above assumption, if a man is withholding in his obligation to provide and protect his family people can easily notice. When a man is not meeting his family’s temporal needs people can often tell by outward examples of financial distress. If a man is not protecting his family or is in other words physically abusive, his children and wife can call upon authorities to legally persecute him. However, if a woman withholds her responsibility to nurture her family, particularly her husband, it is not as noticeable to the outside. Meeting your husband’s physical need for sexual intimacy is in very deed nurturing. It helps make him feel cherished, desired, and loved. This loving gift you can provide your husband will bring you closer to him figuratively and literally.

Dinner around the table can prove to be a challenge for overscheduled kids and tired parents, but know that the benefits of a sit down family dinner have been championed by social scientists for years. Many studies have shown that kids who eat dinner regularly with their family are less likely to be involved with drugs and alcohol than those that do not. They also prove to show better grades and have less stress. A study done by Columbia showed that compared to teens who have 5 or more family dinners a week, those who have two or less are three times as likely to try marijuana, two and a half times as likely to smoke cigarettes and one and half times as likely to try alcohol. So not only will your husband benefit from your efforts to arrange dinner each night but so will your children.

Remember that no success can compensate for failure in the home. Start with your marriage and see the amazing trickle-down effect.

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  1. Lindsey- what a great blog with such interesting topics!

    I read an article about President Obama that said he and Michelle have dinner with their kids every night (when they aren't traveling). If the President of the United States can make time in his schedule for family dinner, then I have NO excuse!