Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Food Nanny

Liz Edmunds's passion is dinner on the table and it is apparent that she makes the “showing up with Food” part a priority. Her cook book has easy steps to make dinner possible and her new television show helps get families back to the dinner table.

For many families, eating dinner together has become a lost art. One of the blessings of eating dinner together is the opportunity to talk with one another. So turn off the cell phones and TV and have a conversation. Here are some ideas about what you can talk about around the table with your loved ones:

The biggest or most challenging part of your day
Exchange memories
Talk about and plan future family trips or activities
Talk about what is popular in the media
Teach morals and values, use this time to instill your believes
Talk about politics, religion, or what is happening in the news
Talk about friends or extra-curricular activities
And if it is just you and your spouse… talk about the crazy love making you are going to do after dinner is over. ;)


  1. sounds awesome! i think i'll look for her cookbook.

  2. I heard her speak at an enrichment and I bought her cook book right after. It's great but I did try a tomato soup in it and it was not good so skip that particular one. Anyway, I try to make dinner at least 4 times a week and it keeps everyone happy.

  3. I love her book!!! Everyone should get it and I die for the tomato soup it is one af my favorites!!!