Saturday, April 24, 2010

Plan Out Your Meals

I have come to realize that one usually cannot win without a plan. Poor meal planning will not only lead to a money pit but a stressful life. Avoiding a lifestyle with debt requires strict budgeting. The grocery budget column has always been the most difficult for me just because it can vary so drastically if I am not careful. Spending a little time every week to create a comprehensive dinner meal plan for the week is really helpful and helps meet some important goals of mine including spending time with family, saving money, saving time, creating yummy meals that I can be happy to serve loved ones, saving time for last minute trips to the store, and most importantly making my man happy!

I always try to see what I have in the refrigerator that needs to be used when I plan meals. I have this crazy obsession about trying not to waste things. If I have to throw out a half full jar of anything I get super bummed out. I think it is because I realize it was not only wasteful, expensive, but also a failure on my part to plan properly. Thinking about what you are going to eat in advanced allows you to make healthier choices instead of last minute desperation decisions that cost money and are not the best for your bod (the same one you should be using to make Mr. Handsome Husband happy with every day).

Michael Pollan’s book In Defense of Food points out that in the 1960s Americans spent nearly 18% of their household income on food and a mere 5% on health care. Currently, Americans spend over 9% on their food and 16% on health care. So invest in your health and your family by spending the time now so you don’t have to spend it later.

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog and found that this particular post really pertains to me. Meal times stress me out more than anything and sadly the realization of me getting stressed the most when not planning meals came but a few weeks ago. (After four years of marriage. Can you believe that?) After planning better I'm happy to say I'm SO much less bitchy around meal times. So glad you posted this because it's IMPORTANT to any person's sanity.