Friday, April 23, 2010

Pride Yourself

What would be amazing if every wife actually took pride in the fact that she NEVER denies her husband physical affection. Ok, for some of you it may not be practical to have an intimate moment with your husband every single day but at least start with promising yourself and him that you will never turn him down. I pride myself on the fact that my man is always taken care of when he desires me. I think if more women thought that this meter of her love was an indication of what kind of a wife she was, more marriages would be spared and more couples would be happy. Just think about all of the jokes and references of the wife using a “headache” as an excuse. (In fact ABC News discusses how headache pain is relieved with sexual activity.)
Don’t say no, just don’t ever do it. Think how painful it must feel to be denied, perhaps you have had the unfortunate occasion, it doesn’t leave you feeling very desirable I imagine. So please don’t choose your own sleep or “busy” life over the opportunity to let your husband know he is adored. If you at least decide to commit to the “Open Door Policy", you will very well see that when you ask your husband to do a favor for you, (say get a glass of water or help with the kids) he’ll be that much more inclined.

Also consider hitting him up for lovin’ too. Don’t always wait for him to ask. Guys want to feel that they are wanted, just like we do. Even if you have to seem more interested than you really are… think of how it makes you feel when your husband seems to be okay with going to a chick flick with you. My major emphasis here is to esteem your husband! Make him feel cherished because you’d like to feel that way. If he already does that, than all the more reason to. If your complaint is, “the last thing I want to do is get intimate with a guy who doesn’t treat me great” , consider how you can be the first to extend the peace offering. Charity and love are essentials in any happy relationship. Give the gift you have been wanting- to feel VALUED. Most husbands feel valued by your physical affection. Choose this mentality today and I promise you won’t regret it.


  1. AMEN!! I made a promise to myself to never deny Shane when he needs/wants me. At times it is really difficult and we've agreed to make deals when I really am in a crunch and need some extra zzz or more study time and vice versus and it has been so amazing! We all want to be loved so why do we often treat the one we need the most so poorly?

    I love your adivce and thank you for this blog!

  2. it's not just about "giving in"... don't forget to make it count! be into it even if you "have a headache."

    @Alyssa/Jo: i think we often treat the one we love so poorly because we know the love we share and just expect they will forgive us. it's sad, really! we should be so much better to them!

  3. I do pride myself on just that fact.