Thursday, May 27, 2010

Create the Space

For me making dinner always comes easier if I don’t get behind on the dishes so that I have a clean and good work space to being in. Doing little things along the way long before dinner time is upon me helps me manage feeding my cute family. If I start before dinner, like for example thaw the meat the night before in the fridge, I want to kiss myself when 6 o’clock comes around.

I have taken generous steps to learn how to cook meals and recipes for my husband to remind him of home. He is from another country and there are some meals he just can’t get here so I do my best to indicate my love through this effort and he really appreciates it. It helps with homesickness and makes him feel special that I go that extra length.

Food can create a powerful emotional connection to memories. Throughout history and across many cultural lines, food has been associated with the provision of comfort. Consider as infants how we are soothed by mother’s milk. It is a raw instinct for us to connect food to satisfaction. Knowing this can be fun and powerful. Many chiefs and cooks adore the feeling of bringing others joy via their culinary gifts.

I am all about Girl Power! Perhaps this is why I love it when wives discover their abilities to improve their behaviors and consequently improve their relationships. When we as wives are more affectionate, attentive, passionate, and even by darned SEXIER… we can tap into new powers that truly work like a charm. I have had women come giggling to me because they are thrilled with the affect they have over their husband just by their own efforts.

So let’s create the space where we love ourselves and see our own potential for good-be it in our marriages or in the world at large.

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  1. Hey! I am flying home for a visit on June 21st-July 15th. Let me know if you want me to bring any Aussie surprises back for your hubby. I know there are things here that he probably misses, and can't get in the US. Vegemite possibly?? haha
    I will see you sometime around the 4th of July at the ranch most likely, so I can drop it off then.. let me know! :)