Sunday, May 2, 2010

King of the Castle

Certainly some men maybe better cooks then their wives or perhaps they enjoy the task of cooking. Your family may like the effort of making dinner together and participating equally. Maybe the woman works and the man is the only option for chief. At our house, I make dinner and my husband offers to do dishes. Whatever the arrangement, preparing food and doting on your husband because you adore him often reads: I LOVE YOU!

I am all about girl power. I DON’T think women HAVE to do the chores or are made to be in an apron their entire life, but I have seen first-hand how having a ‘can do’ attitude in making my house a home sets a mood for my family to take pride in our living space. To a man there is little more self esteem building then when he is made to feel like the King of his castle. Here are some fun ideas to help make him feel extra special around meal time:

- Make his favorites: My husband likes meat and potatoes and I prefer salad and sushi but even though I choose the menu, I make a grand effort to offer him options regularly that I know he will enjoy.

- Put some effort into the production: Try not to just serve it on a paper plate or in front of the television because it doesn’t make it feel very special.

- Offer variety: Look for new recipes and try different dishes so that your dinners are exciting and your family looks forward to something new. Expanding your abilities to cook well start with experimentation and being brave.

The GREATEST way to make your husband feel like he has died and gone to heaven is to show up with a plate of fruit and chocolate in your bedroom and make sure you arrive naked. ;)

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