Friday, June 25, 2010

Show Up Naked with Food gets a Makeover!

I hope you guys like the new blog layout. Apparently people with Macs could not read the old one. Speaking of makeovers… I wanted to write about the impact getting “dolled up” for your husband can have. Don’t you just feel more beautiful when you take a little bit of time to look your best? This surge of self confidence is helpful to us women and therefore helpful to our marriage relationships. I am a very busy mom who works from home about a billion hours a week and often the “ball” that I let drop is -me. Some days I find myself thinking about how I should brush my teeth and change out of my pjs for the first time around 2 in the afternoon. So this reminder is good for me. When I make a little effort on my appearance, it really pays off.
Here are some other fun ideas and tips for strengthening your marriage.

THIRD PARTY APPRECIATION Often paying a compliment to your husband by saying something nice about him to someone else is really strengthening. Because he knows you are not just saying it to him because you have to so it can really play genuine.

HOME SWEET HOME Try to create an environment in your home where your husband can retreat from all of life’s stressors. A pleasant home environment can help keep everybody’s mood in check. And from a sexual standpoint, creating your bedroom into a lover’s getaway can encourage your connecting more regularly. Having clean bed linens, tidy floor space, and romantic candlelight screams to your man: I want to be with you. Or try to slip in sneaky little signs of your adoration like, “LOVE YOU” with your lip prints written on the steamed-up bathroom mirror- just think how this will steam him up too.

MAN OF THE HOUSE Again, as I have mentioned in past posts, although this concept is growing increasingly unpopular, it really does make a difference in a man’s attitude about his marriage and his life with you. Everything can be a team effort and all of your opinions and ideas can count but let him feel that he is the chief at the end of the day. Your gift of supporting him in this role can empower him to better things.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fascinating Womanhood

One reader informed me that parts of my blog remind her of the book “Fascinating Womanhood”. This book talks about how we as wives should learn how to awaken our husband’s love. When we correct our mistakes we solicit a loving response in our partner. All of us need to realize that we hold the keys to our own happiness. When we do not blame others and we own the responsibility we in turn make ourselves in a position of authority over our own life.
“The role of a woman is fulfilling, fascinating, and full of intrigue. There never need be a dull moment. This practice of this art of womanhood is an enjoyable one, filled with rich rewards, numerous surprises, and vast happiness.” - Fascinating Womanhood

The feminine soft and merciful love is something men find fascinating about women. When wives help their husband’s respect themselves it in turn allows room for them to respect their wives. As women we are often blind to our own charms.

I know a smart and graceful woman that knows how to be attractive, even adored, when she is angry or frustrated by her man. She places her husband’s happiness as her primary goal and it helps her gain personal true happiness. As I watch this exemplary couple I notice that TRUE LOVE is not dutiful but rather spontaneous and tender.

Do you think it is selfish to want to be adored by your husband? Is giving to get wrong? Perhaps your efforts to awaken your husband’s love for you is actually unleashing in him his own potential happiness. When we love and serve others we find our purpose in life. People are worth living for and worth dying for. Maybe you can think of how your being worthy of his adoration will actually spur him onto greater success in life because he too will want to be worthy of you.

Why is it women tend to want to hear about what HE can do better? So many women want me to blog about what the man can do more of. I am confident that we can learn to see the finer side of our husbands by applying the miracles of service, mercy, and love. We will unleash our romantic notions just by being the best version of ourselves. Try it... be physically intimate and serve him more frequently for his sake and yours!

Friday, June 4, 2010

He Says

Thoughts from a husband:

“You know, it's not that difficult to keep another person's bucket full. A thank you here . . . A quick chat at work there . . . A, "Hey, my fantasy football is really something I can put aside to concentrate fully on this baby," over there . . . And even a, 'Wow, my wife's so hot it kind of turns me on when she shows the rest of the world what I have all to myself,' everywhere . . . It's really not difficult. I'm a husband. I know I'll die someday. I'll take every chance I can to connect with, interact with, cater to, flirt with and ogle my wife that I can. It comes back to me, and it's all good! And it's all really easy.”

“A couple of thoughts from an old guy"

“Here are a few rules I try to live by, and believe me, I'm no husband of the year:

1. In relationships, the little things are the big things. I say please and thank you a lot to my wife when she does the dishes that I usually do, or takes care of an errand I usually do. If I clean the litter boxes (which she usually does), she thanks me. It shows respect and appreciation, which are essential for a marriage to last. I don't say "I love you" a lot; neither of us does. But we do thank each other often, and "please" is part of our house vocabulary.

2. Take 100 percent responsibility for your part in any conversation. That means instead of, "I didn't say that," you acknowledge that you did say that (maybe you really did -- we all misspeak), not in a passive-aggressive manner, but that you truly believe that you did. Then you can add, "What I should have said was . . . " I've learned this defuses many hot issues.

3. I'm a "have to fix it" guy when my wife has a problem. One day, long ago, I had no fix, so I sat there and listened. Afterward, my wife thanked me profusely for just listening. I didn't think I did anything. But I did a lot by keeping my mouth closed and my ears open. Such a concept!

4. When I mentioned I was going to write you, my wife commented that when she came in at the end of the day, I got up from the couch and went over and kissed her. Just that. I never really thought it was a big deal, but to her it really is.
I wish I had known all this stuff 38 years ago when we got married. Then again, I did learn it and, obviously, I'm still learning. Makes me wonder what else I'm missing! But at least I try.”