Friday, June 11, 2010

Fascinating Womanhood

One reader informed me that parts of my blog remind her of the book “Fascinating Womanhood”. This book talks about how we as wives should learn how to awaken our husband’s love. When we correct our mistakes we solicit a loving response in our partner. All of us need to realize that we hold the keys to our own happiness. When we do not blame others and we own the responsibility we in turn make ourselves in a position of authority over our own life.
“The role of a woman is fulfilling, fascinating, and full of intrigue. There never need be a dull moment. This practice of this art of womanhood is an enjoyable one, filled with rich rewards, numerous surprises, and vast happiness.” - Fascinating Womanhood

The feminine soft and merciful love is something men find fascinating about women. When wives help their husband’s respect themselves it in turn allows room for them to respect their wives. As women we are often blind to our own charms.

I know a smart and graceful woman that knows how to be attractive, even adored, when she is angry or frustrated by her man. She places her husband’s happiness as her primary goal and it helps her gain personal true happiness. As I watch this exemplary couple I notice that TRUE LOVE is not dutiful but rather spontaneous and tender.

Do you think it is selfish to want to be adored by your husband? Is giving to get wrong? Perhaps your efforts to awaken your husband’s love for you is actually unleashing in him his own potential happiness. When we love and serve others we find our purpose in life. People are worth living for and worth dying for. Maybe you can think of how your being worthy of his adoration will actually spur him onto greater success in life because he too will want to be worthy of you.

Why is it women tend to want to hear about what HE can do better? So many women want me to blog about what the man can do more of. I am confident that we can learn to see the finer side of our husbands by applying the miracles of service, mercy, and love. We will unleash our romantic notions just by being the best version of ourselves. Try it... be physically intimate and serve him more frequently for his sake and yours!


  1. I agree with you!

    My 2 cents: Yes there are abusive relationships (whether physical, emotional, etc) where no matter what a spouse does, their significant other doesn't treat them well. However, I am convinced that if you are unhappy in your relationships, you need to change. You can't change anyone else. You can change yourself. You can clearly communicate your desires and then change yourself to appreicate what you do have. Just like you said, if you do, you may just unleash the happiness in someone else, and you will benefit.

    Thanks for this post!

  2. I am just as vulnerable. I want my wife to love me and when she blows me off or dismisses or diminishes or whatever, I reduce our 15 years into that one moment and then another moment and so on. Sure, its an ambush and its unfair. Its my protective mechanism and each time what I'm saying is ,"See! I knew you really didn't love me from the beginning!"
    Its almost like seeing the light drain from her eyes and I'm ashamed and tearful right now as I remember some of those moments.
    I wish I wasn't such a crap of man and I wish I didn't have to search for the hurtful words I know will break her heart.
    Yeah its hard and those in your face moments are hard to recover from...and then she hugs me and loves me and forgives me? Who does that?
    I am not worth it! But she believes otherwise. I'm such an idiot for dismissing and diminishing this woman. This just confirms how she completes me how my growth as a man was NEVER going to evolve without her.
    You mention the feminine soft and merciful love that men find fascinating...this hunter gatherer man agrees because 15 years ago I'd rather you stabbed my cornea with a needle than to have to say I love and appreciate you. I love my wife and the next 15 years? I've got some game now so we'll see what happens.
    Thanks Lindsay you are an absolute sweetheart.