Friday, June 25, 2010

Show Up Naked with Food gets a Makeover!

I hope you guys like the new blog layout. Apparently people with Macs could not read the old one. Speaking of makeovers… I wanted to write about the impact getting “dolled up” for your husband can have. Don’t you just feel more beautiful when you take a little bit of time to look your best? This surge of self confidence is helpful to us women and therefore helpful to our marriage relationships. I am a very busy mom who works from home about a billion hours a week and often the “ball” that I let drop is -me. Some days I find myself thinking about how I should brush my teeth and change out of my pjs for the first time around 2 in the afternoon. So this reminder is good for me. When I make a little effort on my appearance, it really pays off.
Here are some other fun ideas and tips for strengthening your marriage.

THIRD PARTY APPRECIATION Often paying a compliment to your husband by saying something nice about him to someone else is really strengthening. Because he knows you are not just saying it to him because you have to so it can really play genuine.

HOME SWEET HOME Try to create an environment in your home where your husband can retreat from all of life’s stressors. A pleasant home environment can help keep everybody’s mood in check. And from a sexual standpoint, creating your bedroom into a lover’s getaway can encourage your connecting more regularly. Having clean bed linens, tidy floor space, and romantic candlelight screams to your man: I want to be with you. Or try to slip in sneaky little signs of your adoration like, “LOVE YOU” with your lip prints written on the steamed-up bathroom mirror- just think how this will steam him up too.

MAN OF THE HOUSE Again, as I have mentioned in past posts, although this concept is growing increasingly unpopular, it really does make a difference in a man’s attitude about his marriage and his life with you. Everything can be a team effort and all of your opinions and ideas can count but let him feel that he is the chief at the end of the day. Your gift of supporting him in this role can empower him to better things.

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