Thursday, July 29, 2010

Feelings of a working mom

An issue that a friend of mine, a mother of two small kids, has had that has caused lack intimacy with her husband started when she began working full time. She says she feels resentful of “doing” more than he does around the house while already working just as much. She feels that she is left with two options: endlessly haranguing her guy to be aware of the house needs the same way she is, or silently fuming which usually equals launching a sex strike.

Well it turns out for her that the "traditional" marriage, which has been annihilated in society, where she stays at home and he works…. actually was a much better deal. Although she likes her job she feels that when she was a stay at home mom her house ran smoother, they ate better meals because she cooked them, the kitchen and bathrooms were always clean, and she actually got alone time with him. Everything is just not good enough at home now. For example: Her husband just doesn’t straighten the bath mat like she would after getting the kids out of the shower.

She claims that having a stay at home mom has pretty good provisions for many of today's most stubborn marital problems, such as how to combine work and parenthood, and how to keep the springs of the marriage bed in good working order. I thought her insight was interesting. Hope you’re getting good use out of your mattress!!!


  1. I agree. It may be old fashioned and require that you closely watch a budget, but staying at home as a housewife and mother blesses a marriage and the family in general. Things are in order. Children are cared for by a parent. Nutritious food is on the table rather than out of a paper bag. And your husband feels like he has successfully gone about his duty in providing for you. Men like to take care of their wives. Sometimes we have to step back and let them. It goes back to letting them open the door for you. It's not like you couldn't do it yourself or can't contribute, he does it for you because he can. I think a wife does a lot of good for her family by finding the simple and sometimes mundane tasks around the house to truly be her calling. I know it's not always possible for a wife to stay home (though living within the budget a husband is able to provide for her has got to be a huge sign of trust and appreciation for his hard work!), but I personally see it as the ideal situation! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have followed your blog for some time now. I have found it to be extremely interesting. I also find it comforting to know that there are people and groups that have the same ideas that I do. I have also found that you have used ideas from books that I have read and found important and essential. You have slowed your posting to a crawl and was hoping that you would post more often. Please continue to share your thoughts and inspirations. Thanks