Monday, July 12, 2010

Two Sides to Every Coin

There are always TWO SIDES TO EVERY COIN. Remembering this helps us accept the men we married. Perhaps we should stop focusing on their faults and look at the things they do well and the things we do appreciate about them.

Let’s take for example my sweet husband… he is remarkably humble, calm, easy going, and an absolute joy to be around. He lets things slide and troubles/dramas in life are merely water off a duck’s back. He grew up on the beach and has this fun, laid back, life loving personality that is incredibly endearing. He always wants to be with friends and family and makes life’s precious moments his aim. Interestingly enough the other side of the coin called “Mr. Chilled Out” also means that sometimes he isn’t the most tenacious person and can often be so content with life that pushing for extreme goals and aspirations aren’t always a top priority. Sometimes I find myself wishing he had a little more “Fire” and I wonder why he doesn’t take care of certain things the same way that I do. Fortunately- I often stop to recognize and remember that I married one side of the coin that I adore… so I had better be willing to accept the other side too. Each of us has weaknesses and strengths and often times our strengths can be our weaknesses given different situations.

When we see our spouses with compassion, our view of them changes regardless if they change or not. One way to see your man with compassion is by seeing him as hungry… for something yummy to eat and for that lovely body of yours! So flip a coin…heads means you make him and sandwhich right now and tails means…well… fill in the blank. ;)

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  1. So true. Often I find myself wanting my hubby to solve problems or attack tasks the way that I do, but what a waste. #1 if I complete the task for him the way I want then he doesn't do it and I become a controlling monarch and he becomes my incapable peasant. #2 When he completes the task his way it often turns out better than if I had done it b/c he did it his own way and saw it through his creative eyes instead of through my analytical eyes.

    Sometimes it's tough to have 2 sides to a coin but it certainly makes me a better person learning to love both sides.