Sunday, September 26, 2010

Women: Inspiration and Enterprise

I just got back from an amazing weekend in New York City. I attended the WIE symposium. Women: Inspiration and Enterprise, put on a remarkable platform for women to celebrate, connect, and learn. I am so proud of all that women have accomplished and all that we add to the world. The United Nations Summit was being held at the same time as my event. Such amazing progress has been made by way of women’s issues. Even the fact that Girls and Women are on the agenda of the UN is progress from a few years ago.

Marianne Williamson spoke to something that I deeply believe in. She grew up in the first major wave of feminism. She and many women have looked at their mother’s life and decided that it wasn’t important enough. The years have taught her the mistake in her youthful beliefs.
Now her sense of what is divine, what is archetypal, and her sense of what is deeply moral and connected to a creator--- is that a woman’s role to take care of the children and the home. But what she realizes now is that this WORLD is our HOME and EVERY CHILD is our CHILDREN.

I just agree full heartedly that there is a divine sense of motherhood that goes beyond our own biological imperatives and we should look at all human suffering as our place for activism. My work with Child Rescue is a way for me to provide for my immediate little family but it is also a way for me to hopefully take care of my family at large, these children who are being bought and sold in our own country, and I am so humbled by the support we are getting to combat this most horrific of all evils. If people are not helping or contributing to the cause, I don’t think the problem is a lack of decency or compassion. We are in constant bombardment of the ultimate meaningless and most people just do not know this is happening.

So please visit our website and learn more and thank you for showing up naked with food to your spouse which ultimately means showing up with LOVE.

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  1. Lindsay, I still worship your blog. And I want the entire speech by Ms. Williamson -- that sounds absolutely inspiring. I know we were going to do a story about the Candlelight Serenade but it fell through mostly due to the end of the term. I'd still like to help out with Child Rescue any way I can. You are a wonderful, wonderful woman.