Monday, January 31, 2011

Free Date Kit

Ok awesome loving wives... check out this FREE date idea kit called "Spending More Time On You!" There is a whole month's worth of thematic ideas for dates that have to do with time. There are tons of creative and fun ways to spice up your date night and really just put that extra effort into your relationship. I love the one that pushes you to reconnect mentally, emotionaly, and of course PHYSICALLY!

This website is a great resource for EVERYTHING MARRIAGE so visit their site often and let me know your thooughts.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Be Dreamy

After a day at work, caring for children, or cleaning and choirs women often find themselves craving relaxing activities such as watching TV, checking Facebook, blogging, reading or talking on the phone. Getting physical with their husbands often feels like “more work” (at least a work out to be sure)…. If Mr. wants to be with his wife she is all too often “tired” or emotionally checked out. My observation is that if your day’s activities really do leave you so exhausted that you cannot invest in your marriage and don’t have the energy to develop romance in your #1 relationship then you had better reevaluate your decisions and examine how and what you can change ASAP or else you just may find your “LOVE” relaxing too.

I read once that men can actually be as romantic as women (forgive me for not having a site reference as I can’t recall where) and that a husband enjoys kissing his wife before he leaves in the morning and puts his arms around her as purely loving gestures. Although these are not inherently sexual, a survey showed that a huge percentage of husband's are often met with “not now” or indifference. To these men, a wife who rejects these actions tells her husband she does not esteem him.

It is all too common to hear women talk about their “rights” when it comes to sex. “Right” to say no or the “right” to say yes. What about the idea that she has an opportunity or the “Right” to be unselfish and giving? I believe that FEW wives realize the power they have to keep their men near to them physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. That is what this blog is about= the POWER women have to meet their husband’s needs and in doing so create a marriage worth dreaming about.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Why Men Need IT

repost April 2010

WARNING: This entry has medical terminology in it and scientific fact. It is not intended to make light or be disrespectful in any way toward human sexuality. I hope I do not offend with my specific and accurate language. I only intend to educate.

A fact that very few woman know is that while both men and woman may desire sex, only men NEED it. Men have two small organs called “seminal vesicles”. They have a profound effect on a man’s behavior. Within each seminal vesicle, seminal fluid is continually being produced. As this fluid is produced it swells, the swelling cannot be relieved by any other way than by ejaculation. This is why men who are not sexually active or do not relieve themselves eventually experience nocturnal emissions.

Surrounding the seminal vesicles is a network of pressure sensitive nerves which send messages to a specific part of the brain called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus of the male brain appears to specifically be designed to trigger sexual arousal. When this occurs testosterone is released into the bloodstream. This triggers a man’s conscious awareness of his sexual need. The accelerated rate of this hormone in man affects his attention to any and all sexual stimuli around him. Consequently the man finds himself being rather distracted by sexual thoughts and desires. This involuntary arousal cycle is constant for a man, something very real and powerful that women can never fully understand.

Only evacuation of the seminal vesicles by ejaculation will quench a man’s sexual desire and within seconds after he will have no sexual desire at all. A married man will and should naturally and even unconsciously seek a physical encounter with his wife regularly. It is very frustrating for guys who can’t act on their sexual arousal, especially in a marriage… this is why good married men NEED you! One of the biggest mistakes wives make is that they have contempt for their husband’s sexual advances. Not only should you see them as a fact of his humanity, but even consider initiating it yourself regularly so that he doesn’t have to feel like a beggar. Imagine if you didn’t have to coerce, plea, nag, or threaten your spouse for one of your strong needs and desires like for example the need to be listen to? Imagine if he appeared as though he was happy to do it for you, or even better actually wanted to because he knew it would make you happy and that in turn made him happy? Well, ever heard of the golden rule?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Let's talk about sex baby

As our bodies age and change, so do our sexual desires. Hormone levels can drastically rise and fall and sometimes husband and wife are on different pages when it comes to their needs and or wants in the bedroom. As married people we better get use to speaking about sex and being real with our partner about where we stand and how we feel about it. In order to keep sex gratifying and something that builds and edifies your marriage one must be open about how one feels. However in your quest for honesty, be incredibly careful to not bruise your spouse’s ego by being too critical or placing any blame.

Women especially need to be willing to communicate when it comes to being able to reach climax when being intimate. For men, it is pretty straight forward mostly speaking… but for many women it can be difficult and can require more direction. Enjoyment is an important factor for people to want to spend time doing anything… so if our marriages are to have the best chance to thrive and our husband’s are going to feel loved and get loved regularly, women are going to have to get more comfortable talking with their hubbies about sex.

Regular orgasm can prevent heart disease, both breast and prostate cancers, bladder problems all while having positive effects on your bones, blood sugar (thus your moods), and brain function.

Did you know that the hormones secreted from an orgasm can last up to 24 hours in your body? The powerful love hormone cocktail that you can give your sweetheart via physical intimacy is nothing compared to the emotional and spiritual surge of love you can gift him by being unselfish in this area. Go love him up already!