Friday, January 28, 2011

Be Dreamy

After a day at work, caring for children, or cleaning and choirs women often find themselves craving relaxing activities such as watching TV, checking Facebook, blogging, reading or talking on the phone. Getting physical with their husbands often feels like “more work” (at least a work out to be sure)…. If Mr. wants to be with his wife she is all too often “tired” or emotionally checked out. My observation is that if your day’s activities really do leave you so exhausted that you cannot invest in your marriage and don’t have the energy to develop romance in your #1 relationship then you had better reevaluate your decisions and examine how and what you can change ASAP or else you just may find your “LOVE” relaxing too.

I read once that men can actually be as romantic as women (forgive me for not having a site reference as I can’t recall where) and that a husband enjoys kissing his wife before he leaves in the morning and puts his arms around her as purely loving gestures. Although these are not inherently sexual, a survey showed that a huge percentage of husband's are often met with “not now” or indifference. To these men, a wife who rejects these actions tells her husband she does not esteem him.

It is all too common to hear women talk about their “rights” when it comes to sex. “Right” to say no or the “right” to say yes. What about the idea that she has an opportunity or the “Right” to be unselfish and giving? I believe that FEW wives realize the power they have to keep their men near to them physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. That is what this blog is about= the POWER women have to meet their husband’s needs and in doing so create a marriage worth dreaming about.

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  1. I know this about sex, if I do not talk respectfully about sex (this does not include the role playing stuff)or if I demand it "because I say I want it now and its your role" all bets are off. There is absolutely no place for that type of macho. I don't believe men have any clue sometimes. Communication is the absolute key to orgasmic bliss, its the difference between spiritual and physically amazing sex or vicarious stuff through a new book or the Old Spice guy.
    You demand, you lose. You don't talk, you lose. You be a jerk, you're jerking on you're own, even if you're with her...and you lose. Not kidding, even after 15 years I still need to finess this thing through.