Friday, January 21, 2011

Why Men Need IT

repost April 2010

WARNING: This entry has medical terminology in it and scientific fact. It is not intended to make light or be disrespectful in any way toward human sexuality. I hope I do not offend with my specific and accurate language. I only intend to educate.

A fact that very few woman know is that while both men and woman may desire sex, only men NEED it. Men have two small organs called “seminal vesicles”. They have a profound effect on a man’s behavior. Within each seminal vesicle, seminal fluid is continually being produced. As this fluid is produced it swells, the swelling cannot be relieved by any other way than by ejaculation. This is why men who are not sexually active or do not relieve themselves eventually experience nocturnal emissions.

Surrounding the seminal vesicles is a network of pressure sensitive nerves which send messages to a specific part of the brain called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus of the male brain appears to specifically be designed to trigger sexual arousal. When this occurs testosterone is released into the bloodstream. This triggers a man’s conscious awareness of his sexual need. The accelerated rate of this hormone in man affects his attention to any and all sexual stimuli around him. Consequently the man finds himself being rather distracted by sexual thoughts and desires. This involuntary arousal cycle is constant for a man, something very real and powerful that women can never fully understand.

Only evacuation of the seminal vesicles by ejaculation will quench a man’s sexual desire and within seconds after he will have no sexual desire at all. A married man will and should naturally and even unconsciously seek a physical encounter with his wife regularly. It is very frustrating for guys who can’t act on their sexual arousal, especially in a marriage… this is why good married men NEED you! One of the biggest mistakes wives make is that they have contempt for their husband’s sexual advances. Not only should you see them as a fact of his humanity, but even consider initiating it yourself regularly so that he doesn’t have to feel like a beggar. Imagine if you didn’t have to coerce, plea, nag, or threaten your spouse for one of your strong needs and desires like for example the need to be listen to? Imagine if he appeared as though he was happy to do it for you, or even better actually wanted to because he knew it would make you happy and that in turn made him happy? Well, ever heard of the golden rule?


  1. I need it, there is no doubt but I don't need it to release my wiggles(nacho libre) if my wife is just going through the motions so I can... release my wiggles! Huge turn off! I love to kiss and hug my wife although in my culture, overt expressions of that nature are considered private. Stuff it! I have a use by date on mortality so going to hug, make-out, kiss, snuggle what ever whenever before it ends. If women make mistakes, men do too and possibly more often.
    My seminal vesicles are of no interest whatsoever to my wife if I am being a toss(pardon the pun). I still have a responsibility to cater to her needs too.

  2. Love the realness of this post.

    It is said that highly successful men are highly sexed. It is no wonder. Not only does it help their ego, but they are able to act productively in business ventures without the constant sexual drive nagging on them.

    Loving your posts...still reading through them all. Thank you for writing about this stuff. I need to hear it and I am FOR SURE sharing it with a TON of my friends! THANK YOU!