Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Climate for Love

I believe that in each soul there is a tremendous longing for LOVE. The love we most earnestly need in our lives is not the "honeymoon state" buttery fly wonderment that comes with new love but rather the inestimable joy of being known, accepted, and received. Often times I think about how I can try to conjure up or re-kindle the delectable feelings that I had when first dating my husband but then this secure sense that what I have now has been created over 7 years and is so much more valuable and hard to come by and is ... a little thing I like to call.... TRUE LOVE.

I have often wondered why there are not more resources or educational venues on how to create a climate for love. After all we learn all kinds of life skills in formal settings but what of this number one driving human factor that we celebrate on Valentine's Day? We need more help in learning that love is a product of intentional effort and is truly an undertaking. TRUE LOVE is a labor of LOVE.
Often we assume our husband knows how much we care about him and so we leave the outward expressions for special moments like yesterday but the experience of feeling loved is only developed through specific attitudes, actions, services, gestures, and in the acting out of what is in our hearts.

"The more love you give, the more you will receive; the more love is given and received, the more it will abound; the more love abounds, the sweeter life will be; the sweeter life is, the more love itself will be the atmosphere we live and breathe." - Daphne Rose Kingma

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  1. I am an absolute believer in the philosophy of this site, but since I'm not married, I'm not always sure of my role in meeting my boyfriend's physical needs when we've agreed on no premarital sex. It's nice to hear again that affection is as important as action. That, I can do.