Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lose to Gain?

Losing in your marriage in order to win? Show Up Naked With Food is pro husband, pro marriage and thus pro wife! I think pressing hard to find in yourself your incredible ability to forgive, your willingness to be humble, and your desire to choose LOVE above being right... is a remarkable blessing that marriage affords us.

Unfortunately, I have struggled with my nature of being really competitive and really opinionated as well. I feel sorry for all those who have been the brunt of this stubborn gal's ways and particularly my sweet husband who is meek, gentle, and easy going. I notice, without a shadow of a doubt, that when I am most at peace is in those all to rare times I am sincerely willing to be wrong and willing to put others before my own "make this world right" mentality.

I know when I am faking it though, if I am just trying to end an argument but inside and still convinced of my own righteousness it just doesn't play the same as being genuinely humble and loving. I appreciated an article I just read about this idea of being willing to lose in order to win... I liked this line at the end of the article...

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