Monday, April 2, 2012

Reasons to be Celibate?

There are a lot of other people out there saying what I am saying about how important intimacy is in marriage. Many of them also happen to mostly be speaking to women about needing to step it up in this department. While some men can indeed have lower sex drives that some women, or other issues can lead to a man denying his wife... research shows this is more rare. I came across this little site the other day, a man blogging about Showing Up Naked With Food which made me smile because this idea of men wanting sex is most certainly not something I made up.

A woman who nearly got a divorce but saved her relationship with major intervention, discusses reason why a marriage might be celibate and why it is a problem on her blog. Go here for the full blog post. I think it is important how she addresses sexual abuse as a common reason for someone not being interested in intimacy with their spouse. This is something that I have not given attention to on my blog but I am acutely aware is a real and heart breaking reality for many. I would suggest to someone with this particular situation to see a professional if you are having intimacy issues because of sexual abuse history. If you are not ready to speak to an expert, maybe start by speaking to someone, even a friend. It really needs to be addressed for your own healing progress and to help hopefully move toward continued investment in the most important relationship of your life... your marriage.

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