Sunday, November 11, 2012

Caring for Yourself

Sexual Attraction seems to be a big deal when it comes to marriage. While it is most certainly not the only thing that matters, it is super important to happy marriages---- according to research.  Iris Krasnow, a writer for the Huffington Post, talks about how after interviewing hundreds and hundreds of successfully married women it was chemistry that, "made the fights shorter and the relationship longer".

One thing that I have noticed about many marriages is how it seems women can quickly "give up" and stop trying only a short time after the vows are made and the thank you notes are sent out. Men can also throw in the towel when it comes to their looks, but again, this blog is for us wives to think about what can WE do to make our marriages all that they can be. Now I admit that too much focus on our physical appearance can be a really negative thing and I personally have to be careful of getting to caught up in it, but I do think it is good to ask ourselves every now and again if we are looking and, most importantly, feeling our best?

Men are visual creatures. Sweet and considerate husbands most likely won't come out and call to attention our weight gain or unkempt hair or lack of effort. Just because they haven't said something doesn't mean they don't notice.

I find that when I do make an effort my husband compliments me and it makes me feel happy. I think it is a real gift to be in a marriage where you feel safe and accepted no matter your physical state and I appreciate my man for that  immensely! However, I believe it is important that we do not use this security as an excuse for not trying. I think that it starts with inner confidence and it is all about striking a balance. I know when I go a while without getting done up or exercising, I really don't feel as good and it is time for to re-boot and get back that spring in my step. There is nothing wrong with taking a little pride in your appearance. It is all about loving yourself and being the best you can be. So carry on caring for yourself! You'll be glad and so will HE!


  1. Lindsay I think what you are doing on this blog is great. Helping women to see into men's needs and how to do their part in having a fulfilling marriage is very important. As we all know marriage is a two way street. I would love to know what your husband is doing for you? (i.e getting the ladies who follow your blog to get their husbands to follow your husbands blog) Could be awesome and entertaining :)